Finding an Alcohol Treatment Centre That Provides Clients With More Independence

As someone begins searching for an alcohol addiction treatment option, the person may realize an inpatient rehab centre would be the best choice. However, so many of them have strict rules that the person doesn’t like. For instance, one rule might require clients to hand over their cell phones and ask permission to use the phone as needed. When a person can find a centre that allows the temporary residents to live more independently, it is very appealing.

The Environment

An option like Affordable Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre offers residents their own private room in a house, making the environment feel more like a home than a treatment facility. It’s a way of encouraging clients to focus on shaping their lives in ways to stay on the recovery path when they leave. They are away from the usual triggers and stresses of their own real world, but they aren’t in a place that feels institutional.

The team at this type of centre has learned very rigid rules do not translate to life outside a protective atmosphere. Of course, all alcohol and other drugs aside from approved medications are prohibited, but otherwise, the clients are treated as trustworthy individuals who can handle having their laptop computers with them. Returning home is not such a big jolt because they have been living relatively normally while in rehab.

Personalized Treatment

Personalized treatment here means that clients are not pigeonholed into certain types of therapies. They participate in various kinds of therapies like transactional analysis and cognitive behavioral therapy, and they learn which kinds they resonate with. They are not forced to stick with one specific program if they do not feel comfortable with it and do not feel it is helping.

Time Frame

At a treatment centre like ARC, clients are urged to stay for 12 weeks if possible, since this gives them a great deal of time to learn and practice the tools they’ll need to stay sober back home. Other options are available for people who cannot take that much time off work or be away from family, with the shortest being four weeks.