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Ways Of Changing Your Blog Into A Book

A blog is a discussion that is written in a website having material that is informative and mainly informal, and they are published on a worldwide web. The posts are basically presented in reverse chronological order, and hence the current post will appear at the top of the web page.

There are times when you feel like you don’t want to blog anymore and hence you decide to change your blog into a book. Most people will opt to publish what they ever wrote into a hard copy so that they can flow their ideas. The blog, therefore, will act as a stepping stone to becoming a great author since the ideas reflects that he or she is talented. The blog, therefore, will offer an efficient way of writing your book. When you have an idea of writing the book, you can begin by writing the book in the blogs. There are techniques that you can utilize to turn the blog into a book.

First, book your blog. When you have been blogging for a while; you can find out that you almost have enough material for a book. This is where the idea emanates of changing the blog into a book. Based on the type of book that you want to write, make sure you create a table of content and the outline from scratch. Look for posts that have been published and those that would fit the outline that you have. Third, copy and paste the available posts in a word to make a manuscript. Feed in new content in the gaps.

Writing consistently in the blogs will give you enough content when writing the book. You can, therefore, write the manuscript in blog-post-sized pieces and then you can be publishing them regularly on your blog site. This will create you a platform and fans who will be eager to read your book once you publish it. You will be equipped with content that you can share with your social networks. You are advised to pubkish the chapters in pieces so that you can raise the curiosity of the fans.

Make enough materials for the book. You can decide to take sessions where you are motivated to come up with creative content. Come up with the best content that will make your book marketable and not that that you have already written in the blogs. This is because the written blogs may not represent the best to complete a book.

Mine posts that fits the book content. When you already have the content plan get the relevant posts from the blog to the outlined chapters.

The manuscript should be edited before printing. You cannot pick the posts and convert them directly.

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