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Everything That You Need to Know About the Common Character Archetypes in a Story

As you are sourcing studying a story you will be presented by various character archetypes. The reason as to why the author uses these characters is to outline specific meanings. When you are a reading a book you get to know that many are the characters that you will meet in almost every chapter. If you happen to understand the character archetypes, then you will enjoy the story, as you will have the meaning the characters plays. When you consider reading the content of this site you will acquire the information that distinguishes the different character archetypes in a story. The following are some of the most common character archetypes in a story.

Among the character archetypes that you will find in a story is the hero. It should be noted that the hero is the main character that will have some hardships. At the end, the character will overcome all the challenges and emerge as a victor. It should be noted that the hero in the story is the protagonist. You realize that the hero offers help to others in the story with some of the characters trying to compete with the hero. The hero is capable of having the ability to stay positive throughout the story. Another good thing about the protagonist is that he fights for the weak in the society.

The mentor marks the other group of the character archetypes. It should be noted that most of the mentor characters in a story have extra powers than the other characters. You are also likely to come across the mentor character that has a lot of wisdom that is above other characters. Most writers choose the character archetypes mentors to be supportive to the protagonist. At the certain point, you will get to know that the protagonist will seek help from the mentor. At certain levels, the writer chooses to eliminate the mentor through death.

The villain is the other group of the character archetypes. In most of the stories, you will find the villain trying to oppose the hero. You will get most of the villain characters are usually evil in a story, but there is a reason behind. The villain characters try their level best to get power over any other character or object. It should be noted that the villain criticizes all efforts of the hero. The villain is characterized by doing things that will be the opposite of what the hero is doing so that it is hard for the hero to fulfill his interests.

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