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The Writing Of a Comic Book And The Steps To Follow.

The term comic book is used to refer to a publication which is meant to contain arts related to comic using the sequentially juxtaposed panels in a way that they represent the separate scenes. The panels of the comic books are usually accompanied by short and descriptive prose which contains a written narrative.

The dialog which are found in most of the comic books are in most cases contained in the conversation balloons. Today, the comic books are gaining popularity. Currently, there are those comic books which have been used for the purpose of inspiring some of the movies that have been produced. So as to write a comic book that will gain a lot of popularity one will need to have the necessary skills and experience and in the same time putting a lot of efforts.

Basically, there exist no standard way to be followed when writing a comic book. However, there exist a variety of steps that one may consider so as to come up with an excellent comic book. This article will then explain briefly on some of these steps toward the writing of a great comic book.

One of the most important and the first step to have in mind is how to develop the idea for the comic book. Coming up with the idea means understanding what the comic book to be written will be all about. Other terms which may be used to refer to what the comic story will be all about maybe the setting or the plot of the comic story. One should also put more focus on the most interesting areas of the raw story which has been developed in mind. While still developing the story, it is also necessary for a person to be able to conceptualize how the various characters advance in the story.

The next step is to come up with an answer of what the main character wants. The same also means the understanding of the main motivation of the character. The same also includes the various lacks of the characters in their life and the step which they take so as they are able to get what they want.

Understanding what are the hindrances of the main character is the step which follows. This includes coming up with the obstacles, hardships, and conflicts which are likely to make a good comic drama. One should put barriers which are likely to make the characters lead a miserable life such that their victory may be sweeter.

Writing of the script is the step which then follows. The plans are put into a script at this stage. As the last step, one should then find a good artist who will draw your comic idea in the best way possible.

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